September 14, 2012

“Kiwanis Malaysia’s 11th Annual Children’s Party in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

On 18th April 2009, Kiwanis USJ invited MRDS to participate in Kiwanis Malaysia’s Annual Children’s Party held in Sunway Lagoon. The event was sponsored by Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. Due to the limited places, 5 families from MRDS were invited to participate. Among which, 9 children with rare disorders, 3 siblings and 6 caregivers attended this fun-filled event together with 455 other children from 21 homes and NGO’s in Malaysia. The children were allowed to go on all the rides in Sunway Lagoon and they were given a treat of buffet lunch together with party packs. The event lasted the whole day from 9am till 4pm in the evening. The MRDS members had lots of fun and excitement thanks to Kiwanis USJ members that helped oversee the needs of our children. For more information on this event, please log on to,

Kiwanis USJ is one of the 50 Kiwanis clubs in Malaysia. Since 2007, Kiwanis USJ has adopted MRDS as their community club and has helped MRDS raised funds through the ‘Lend A Hand’ Project. Apart from that, the Kiwanis USJ members have also volunteered their efforts during some of the MRDS events. Kiwanis USJ has given us their continuous support in various means and will continue to support MRDS in achieving our objectives especially in creating awareness on rare disorders in Malaysia. For more information on Kiwanis Malaysia, please log on to

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