We Are Unique
We Also Share

WAUlahh (We Are Unique, We Also Share), is a Malaysia public awareness campaign by the rare disorder youth which highlights the presence, challenges, and dreams of the rare disorder community. The campaign objective is to change and bring new narrative and positive impressions towards rare disorders individual and community in general.

The project approach is to engage and converse with the younger generation at pre-primary, primary and secondary schools across Malaysia as children are the leaders of the future.  The project also strives to educate the public about the presence, challenges and dreams of the rare disorder community via inspirational talk and sharing sessions at various events across Malaysia as well as via sharing on electronic, paper and social media.

In short, WAUlahh advocates for a more compassionate Malaysia via early influencing of the younger generation and creating public awareness on rare disorder community presence, challenges and dreams.  Operationalize by the youth with various rare disorders, this project also provides an opportunity for each youth advocate to be an individual with rare disorder, who could stand up and talk about his/her condition as well as share his/her challenges and dreams which may inspire others.   

ART By Rare Team


Being an artist is a difficult road to travel and being a rare disorder artist takes extra layers of resilience and fortitude, Art by Rare Team (ART) is a platform for differently-talented artists to access better job and career development opportunities, artistic commissions, residencies and competitions.

In the other hand, ART also strives to open up the eyes and hearts of society to focus on the strength of each and every one of us whilst paying less attention to our weaknesses; turn on positive impression and empower!

ART Project is run by differently-abled talents with rare medical conditions, who share a common passion in arts, collectively coming together to create public awareness and to advocate for independent living among the medically-challenged.

Rare Catalogue

Rare Catalogue is a virtual marketplace which offers products and services by the rare disease community and other Persons with Disabilities (PWD). A platform which offers products like arts and crafts, food, clothing, and services like make-up artist, serves as a source of income to the rare disease families as well as a source of information for the public to know more about rare diseases. Indeed, it is a platform to help local businesses flourish whilst creating public awareness on rare diseases.